Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mom Mojo Part II (Mojo Monday #84)

Since I have two Moms to make mother's day cards for I figured I'd use this weeks sketch to make a second card for my Mother In Law

I'm not happy with this at all. I messed it up. I like the colours, but I didn't have ribbon that matched so I had to improvise, I had a kid bugging the crap out of me while I attempted to make it and once I was finished I realized that I actually made the card backwards and because of the paper and adhesive I foolishly used I couldn't take it apart and reverse it so the card opened the right way. Oh well, such is life.

Paper: Woodland Classic (Martha Stewart), Indigo (Canson), Some random self adhesive paper
Stamps & Ink: Bitty Basics (SU), Seaglass (Colourbox)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mom Mojo (#83)

I'm pretty sick of pink and girly since I've been working on the #1 kids birthday invites. So I decided to do something that had zero pink elements or really too many girly elements as well. I couldn't get away from girly entirely because well I made a mother's day card, so its got one little flower

Paper: Indigo Blue (Canson), Woodland Classic (Martha Stewart) and some random self adhesive paper

Cricut Beyond Basics Cartridge

Filigree Brads (SU)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Princess Party Invites

My daughter is turning 3 in a little while and we've decided to do the whole kiddie brithday party thing this year. She's in a bit of a Princess OCD phase in her life, so of course we are doing a Princess themed party. She helped me pick out all the paper for her invitation. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Paper: Tinted Dawn & Peppermint (The Paper Company); Tinted Medallions & Light Wallpaper (GCD Studios)

Stamps: Perfect Princess (SU)

Ink: Dark Peony (Colourbox)

Other Stuff: Recollections Rhinestone Stickers

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cupcake Camp

So nothing to do with paper, stamping or ink.

I attended a cupcake camp on Sunday. A friend of mine hosted this little shindig. It was loads of fun. The premise is everyone invited makes some kind of tasty little cupcake. You bring enough so that everyone can sample a small little morsel at the party and then everyone that has attended gets to take one (or more) of each of the cupcakes home.

It was loads of fun, I had a great time, and man I tasted some really good cupcakes

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Its a New Week - Mojo #82

When I saw this weeks sketch I thought awesome its a pretty simple sketch with no a lot going on, it should be easy to get this one done. Not so. I actually had a harder time coming up with something for this weeks sketch, more so than last weeks which was crazily busy.

Anyway here's the outcome. I used an SU stamp set that I rarely find a use for. The only thing I'm not really happy with is the sentiment. I have a whole load of stamps on order that have sentiments, and I was hoping they'd be here today and wouldn't you know it about 30 seconds after I finish the card, the UPS guys shows up with my new stamps. Oh well

Paper: Play (Fancy Pants Designs)

Stamps: In the Stars (SU), Big Bold Birthday (SU)

Ink: Marigold & Orange (Colourbox)

Other Stuff: Circle Brad (SU), Ribbon; Yellow (Textured Trio)

Monday, April 6, 2009

More Mojo - #81

When I first saw this sketch this morning I thought wow there is no way I'm going to be able to make a decent card out of this. I thought it was really busy and wasn't sure what I was going to do.

Anyway I decided to go green, since its spring and its snowing out. I thought a little green would be a good thing. Here's my creation for this week

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Hello

I frequent a women's message board that I've been a part of for quite a few years. To get over the winter blahs we are doing a little card exchange. You know so you get something else in the mail besides bills. I saw a card in my Paper Crafts magazine from a few months ago that I loved, and decided to make a reasonable facsimile for the card exchange. I thought it was just a fun little spring time hello type card. I'm fairly pleased with the way it turned out

I just used some odds and ends or card stock that I had lying around and a random butterfly stamp that came from some random bug collection that I no longer have any clue where it came from or who was the manufacturer.