Monday, July 27, 2009

Mojo 97

Its another double your pleasure, double my posts kind of day :) I haven't done a mojo sketch for a while. Decided to neglect my kids for a while today (not really they were napping) and do a sketch.

I started out thinking I was going to do a birthday card for an upcoming 3 year olds birthday party that my kidlet is attending, but then couldn't find the right paper combo to go with the stamp that I wanted to use. So I decided to just do a random blank card that could be used for any occasion. I bought some verve stamps a while ago and haven't had the chance to use them so I decided to try to find one today that would fit the bill. I really liked the saying from the Beautiful You set. I also have a million butterfly stamps that I rarely use. I have no idea where the butterfly that I used came from, but I have a feeling its from an Inkadinkado (I was right, I just looked it up) set that I bought many moons ago. I also decided that some sparkle was good, so I put little dots of silver sparkle on the butterfly (you can't really see it in the picture)

Anyway, without further ado, here's my card.

Paper: I have no idea, its random scraps. I've been in a use up all my scraps kind of mood lately (see the last two posts in my blog :) )
Ink: Lavendar Lace (SU), Dragonfly Black (colourbox)
Stamps: Patterned Bugs (Inkadinkado), Beautiful You (Verve)

Pink Is the Word

I'm attending a bridal shower in a week. A "Pink" shower. Everyone has been asked to wear pink, and I'm assuming all the decorations will be pink (however its odd since the colours for the wedding are not anywhere close to pink). So I tried my best to make a "Pink" card.

I have seen this card made a gazillion times over and thought it was cute, and I finally had the occassion to make it, so I did. I just used some scraps of paper that I had left over from other projects (that seems to be my thing right now, using scraps of paper). I think it turned out quite nicely. I like the way the dress turned out and I finally managed to tie a decent bow :)

No stamps or ink on this baby :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Up Up And Away........

We are attending the first birthday party of a friend's son on Saturday. I had totally forgotten about it until about an hour ago and needed to come up with a quick card. I wanted to make something fun, but not too busy, and not too involved in terms of paper/layers that sort of thing. So I turned to for an idea. I have no orignality in me, so this is something I saw on there. For the life of me I can't find it again so I can't give the originator any props, I wish I could.

So here it is, a little monkey being carried away by balloons. I decided to cut out a little window in the card to place a balloon with a number one. On the inside it says "You're 1". Everything used was pretty much just random scraps of cardstock that I have had left over from other projects. I had originally stamped the monkey and cut it out so that it would stand out, but decided it would look better if I just stamped him directly on the cardstock itself. I think it turned out alright.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

Just writing the title of this post did weird things to me. I associated the Beatles song with the birth of my first daughter. Made me all weepy and sentimental. I'm a fool.

On with what I am here to do, talk about cards :)

I mentioned in a previous post about a card exchange. I needed to make two sets of cards. I did the first set. For the second I decided I wanted something with a little more whimsy. I wanted to use my Just Beachy SU stamp set, because I haven't had the chance to use it yet, even though I've had it for a couple of months.

I had a hard time finding paper that I thought would be "Beachy" or "Sunny". This was the first card that I made. I thought the Orange and Pink paisley and stripes looked great together. What I didn't like was the orange cardstock I used, nor did I like the orange ribbon. So back to the drawing board.

Second attempt was much better. I like the blue, yellow's and greens together. I think it screams happy summer sunny fun. I like the way the blue polka dotted paper sort of makes a nice blue sky backdrop for the sun, and the stripped paper reminds me of beach towels. So this is the design I'm going with for my second card for my exchange.

Stamps: Just Beachy (SU)

Paper: Playful Blues (Martha Stewart)

Ink: Apricot Appeal, Pink Passion, Tempting Turquoise, Green Galore, Close to Cocoa (SU)

Ribbon: Dashes, Dots & Checks

Friday, July 17, 2009

Need Ideas for a 90th Birthday

I have been charged with making invitations for my Grandma's 90th brithday party. I have to come up with a simple design because I need to make about 60 of them, and I don't have a tonne of time. The other problem, my grandma has picked out colours that do not match at all. I'm the queen of monotone cards. I love it when colours on cards are from one colour family. What the heck am I supposed to do with Lavender, Pink and Indigo GAH!

Any suggestions for stamp sets to use? Cricut Cartridges (I have a cricut but its totally neglected I hardly use it - this would be the perfect time to pull it out)?

I also need suggestions for what to put on the inside of the card other than the deets regarding date and place.

Any help would be much appreciated


The girl who really has no creative bones in her body :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Card for Every Occassion

I decided on a card exchange card design. Well one anyway. The organizers have decided that we are going to make two sets of cards, so now I have to come up with another one.

Anyway, here it is:

I think its simple and elegant and can be used for pretty much any occassion. Heck I think you could use it for Christmas if it really came down to it.

I think the other design I need to do should be a little bit more whimsical. I want to use my SU Just Beachy stamp set, but I can't come up with anything good.

ETA: I just got the best comment ever. The three year old sees the card and says "Oh wow Mom I really like that card you made. I really love the big red flower you put on there" :)

Paper: Anna Griffin (no colour listed on the paper, its the red stuff)
Ink: Cranberry (Colourbox), Black (StazOn)
Stamps: Baroque Motifs (SU)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Well Holy Cow - Two posts in one day

Today quiet time has actually been quiet. So I found myself with about two hours of free time. YAHOO!

I'm part of a card exchange that a group of ladies from a message board community that I've been a part of for about five years, are doing. There are 9 particpants. So what you have to do is create 8 cards. You send them off to the organizer, then when she has received everyone's cards, she packages up one of each and sends them back to you. So each person particpating gets back in return 8 unique cards.

So I'm trying out a few things to see what I want to do for the exchange. Its a blank card exchange. So we can't put any sentiments on it at all. So this is sample number one. I like this card. I like the colours. I like that its simple. I think it could be used for a number of occassions, and I think that if someone wanted to, they could easily add or stamp their own sentiment on the front

Paper: Anna Griffen
Stamp: Baroque Motifs (SU)
Ink: Pretty In Pink (SU)

Back At It (Mojo 94)

So after a long hiatius from cardmaking I'm back, and I've clearly lost all skill when it comes to making cards. Here's my attempt at Mojo Monday 94

I decided to use my new Pink Cat Studios Sweet Treats stamps. I thought I would do a good job. I picked out lovely co-ordinated paper that I thought screamed Soda Fountain/Ice Cream store. I had some awesome ribbon that I had been waiting to use for a year or so but never found the occassion. Then I actually got to work on the stamping and colouring. Yeah I suck. Well my black ink sucks that's for sure. Its the one colour I think I haven't bought in the last two weeks, and well I should have. It started bleeding like mad the second I put the crystal effects on the Sundae glass. I also only have cruddy Martha Stewart markers to colour with. So not the best stamped images for a card. Colouring and cutting out stamped images is also difficult when you have a 3 year old tugging at your arm, bumping into you, demanding everything under the sun, you know typical 3 year old stuff. Someday I will find the time to make a card without the kiddies around. It might actually turn out good.

Anyway here it is.

Paper: The Paper Co: Peppermint & Tinted Dawn

Making Memories: Pink Splatter, Pink Small Dots, Raspberry Small Dots

Stamps: Pink Cat Studios: Sweet Treats

Ribbon: Fruit Punch

(ETA: GAH why is blogger sucking so much. It won't let me change font sizes, and it won't let me post the mojo sketch)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Stuff

I can't stop. Just ordered some more stamp sets. This should be it for a while. Good thing the husband doesn't get the mail, otherwise I would probably have some splaning to do.

I ordered three sets from Verve: Forever in our hearts, Hundred Hearts and Beautiful You, and one little stamp, their whimsy tree.

Now I just have to find time to actually sit down and make some cards.

I also need to buy markers. I gotta wait at least a month though. I've clearly spent way too much already.