Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Two for One

The birthday card parade continues. One of the stamp sets that I had left to use for the cards I was making was Polka Dots and Petals. I saw a design on Split Coast that I really liked and decided to go with it as my inspriation card

I decided to once again use really springy type colours. So I chose to go with Yellow and Pink. I needed to use the black to anchor the colours as the white just wasn't doing it. Once it was all said and done though I wasn't really happy with the outcome

So I decided to try again. Using the same design I modified the colours that I used. I ditched the crazy yellow and went with all pinks, and chose to go with something a little less harsh than the black to anchor the whole card, so I went with a chocolate brown. I think the second card turned out much better. The only thing that I'm still not happy with is the way the stamping turned out on the darker strip of pink paper. I had initially tried both a dark pink and a white ink to stamp the pattern in, but neither of those looked right. So I tried a shimmery pink. Still not really happy with it, but it was the best of the three choices that I went with.

I asked my almost 4 year old daughter which card she preferred, and what a surprise the crazy kid chose the most colourful of the two.
Card #1
Stamps: SU Polka Dots & Petals
Ink: SU Pixie Pink, Dew Drop Brilliance Orchid, Chocolate Chip
Paper: Recollections Cardstock
Other: Dashes Dots & Checks Ribbon
Card #2
Stamps: SU Polka Dots & Petals
Ink: SU Pretty In Pink, Chocolate Chip & Dew Drop Brilliance Orchid
Paper: Bazzil Basics Mudpie, Paper Company Tinted Dawn
Other: Dashes Dots & Checks Ribbon

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Fling

Spring has almost sprung here in Southern Ontario. The weather has been decently nice (although I hear its going to get colder again this weekend), the temps are staying above freezing at night. Its liking like spring is on its way.

As I mentioned in my previous post I needed to make a few birthday cards, and I wanted them all to have a "spring" theme to them because the birthdays all happen right around the first day of spring.

For this one I decided to use on of my rarely used stamp sets again, Just Like You. I haven't used this set in so long that I had forgotten what exactly was in it. I tried a few other designs but just couldn't get anything to come out as bright and vibrant as I wanted. So I decided to just use stamps and ink. No fancy cutting out of papers, and gluing thousands of tiny parts together. Just simple stamps ink, and two scraps of green paper

I think it turned out really nicely. Its nice and bright and cheery and looks like a bunch of spring flowers just blooming. I really like the ink colours I chose. I think they compliment each other nicely and I think the background of the green paper really shows off the vibrancy of the ink.

Stamps: SU Just Like You & Sincere Salutations
Ink: SU Pink Passion, Tempting Turquoise, Green Galore, Only Orange

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Star is Born

Birthdays are everywhere at the end of March. I have at least four cards to make for friends/family who are born between March 22 and March 27. So I thought I'd better get started sooner rather than later.
I have a few stamp sets that I rarely use from SU. In Full Bloon, Just Like You, In the Stars and Polka Dots and Petals. I decided that those were the stamps I was going to use to make my cards. I also decided since the birthdays all fall just around the date that spring starts that I was going to use all "spring" colours. Colours that all seem fresh and bright.
So here it is, the first card
I originally started out this design thinking I would use the Polka Dots and Petals stamp set, because I wanted to do circles. I cut off about 1/2 inch of the top portion of the card to make room for the various sized circles that I had cut out so that the card would have fairly even edges. I just used scraps of paper that I had left over. I decided that using the stamps from the Polka Dots and Petals would be too much in terms of cirlces. It would be circle overload, so I went with the In the Stars instead.
The ribbon I've used I have had for over two years and haven't used it once. It had the perfect colour combo on it, and went great with the colours I had already used. I tried just using a strip of the ribbon at first but it looked weird so I went with a bow.
So this card will be for my Little Star who was born on March 22, 2008. I can't believe she's almost two. Time flies
Stamps: SU In The Stars
Ink: SU Green Galore
Paper: Recollections Cardstock
Other: Dashes Dots & Checks

Thursday, March 4, 2010

In my last post I mentioned that I needed some inspiration for my #2 daughter's second birthday. The kid is completely obsessed with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She loves the song, walks around singing, reads books that are all about the song, talks about it constantly. When I say obsessed I mean obsessed.

Her little obsession of course gave me the perfect out for having to think up a birthday party theme for her. She's just having a family birthday but its still fun to do up invitations so that she will have memories when she's older of what she did on her birthdays. So we went with a Star theme:

Originally I was thinking of doing something a little bit more "twinkly" but I saw this american crafts paper and though it was perfect. Lots of girly colours, but not too crazy girly, and light and fun. I decided not to go the stamp route. I have a few star stamps but I'm not overly fond of any of them. So I went with the cricut. I cut the star, #2 and the You're Invited with my handy dandy little machine that rarely gets used.
The inside of course was my downfall. I could not find anyway to come up with a cute little rhyme that incorporated Twinkle, Star and Two. So she gets a boring little poem inside inviting people to her birthday.
I'm pretty happy with the way the card turned out. Oh and apparently I have found a pretty good spot to take pictures in my house. I know its taken for freaking ever, but I found it. My dining room between 1 and 2 pm has awesome sunlight. I think the picture turned out pretty good (better then all my other ones anyway)
Paper: American Crafts Hi Y'all; Bazill Basics Pinkini
Other: Alphalicious Cricut Cartridge