Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'll be back

Someday soon. I have had zero time to make any cards, but I have signed myself up to do a card exchange, so I'm going to have to sit down and find the time to make at least 10 cards in the next little while.

I'm itching to buy some new stuff too. I need to replace pretty much all of my inks. I desperately want some copics (but I don't know if its in the budget right now), and I'm trying to find some fun new stamps that I will use more often then not, but I haven't really found anything that has jumped out yet.

So if you're reading, what inks do you like (brand and/or colours)?, Any stamp sets I should look at?

ETA: I really like some pink cat studio stamps, but do tell, how do you mount them and on what?


  1. Me again ;) (I replied to you on TB)

    I have a couple Pink Cat sets, and I just mounted them on EZ Mount (here's the best photo I have: You will want good scissors for this though! I like the Kai scissors (SU has a version) and Ranger's non-stick ones.

    I like Pink Cat because they're local (actually only about 20 minutes from my house!) and ship fast, and they're a good price.

    I am currently coveting all the PaperTrey Ink stamps, so you may find something good there as well...

    Anyway, have fun shopping! ;)

  2. Besides SU (new catty comes out July 1 - want me to mail one out??), I like My Favorite Things stamps, and have some Verve & Our Craft Lounge sets too. They're all acrylic, and I just bought blocks at Michaels/LSS to mount 'em on.

  3. I have a ton of PCS stamps and don't even bother mounting them 'cause they work stuck on acrylic blocks with two-sided tape. I love them 'cause they're awfully cute, really nice for colouring with Copics, and very affordable! Oh, and they're Canadian! ;)