Monday, April 4, 2011

Gift Bags

I made todays card a while ago, almost two weeks ago in anticipation of my youngest sisters birthday. I kind of got sick of doing the whole cupcake birthday card thing, so I decided to use another stamped image. I had just recently purchased a set from There She Goes and decided that I wanted to use the gift bag that was part of the set. Initially I had stamped and coloured about 7 images and thought I would have a crazy gift bag frenzy on the card, but try as I might I just couldn't figure out a layout that would showcase them all and not have it looked like a jumbled mess. So I went with three. I picked the three brightest colours (thought you wouldn't know it from this picture since the lighting was total crap). I added some tissue paper to each of the bags. I wanted to add a little twine detail on the handles, but I couldn't get the twine to sit right and curve properly so I just left it as the stamped image.

I really like both the simplicity of the card, and the cuteness factor. I'll probably end up making one again in the future

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  1. The shopper in R must've loved this card! The little bits of tissue paper are awesome.