Thursday, August 6, 2009

A lot of effort, for a little payoff

A couple of weeks ago my Mom asked me to make birthday invitations for my Grandma's upcoming 90th birthday. I said sure. What a mistake. I hated every second of making these cards. I hated the colour choices that my Grandma gave me to work with. It was Pink, Blue and Lavender. I opted to skip the blue because it just didn't go.

Then I showed my Grandma a mock up of the card from one I had done earlier that was similar on my Blog. She then snooped around a bit and found a card she liked better. One that was far more complicated to make. I opted to ignore her because I just didn't have the time to make them. So I went for the simpler design. What I got was a big old "I thought you were making the other ones".

I was also supposed to get some help making them from my little sister. Never happened. She went to the East Coast for a wedding and an In Law visit, so I had no help. Well unless you count my husband. He tried. He helped a little, but trying to show him how to use the SU scallop punch was a lot more difficult then you think it would be for an engineer.

None the less, the invites are done.


  1. Bah on family. I think they look great. Good call on omitting the blue though. no idea where that would have fit in (other htan blue stickles in the flower centres :P)

  2. Wow, these are beautiful! Too funny about the husband working the scallop punch. :P

  3. These are gorgeous!! Love the colours.That's cute about your husband using the scallop punch. I guess he tried!! lol :-)