Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I can't believe that its not even Halloween yet and I'm busy thinking about Christmas cards. I figure I probably have about 50 to make, so mid as well start early. I wanted to go simple this year. After looking at a few of Emily's christmas cards over at Art From The Heart I thought I'm going to go super simple and do white cardstock. I also decided I was going to do solid colours (this of course might change if I found the right paper). The last requirement was to avoid the colour combos of Red and Green. I wanted to go with something different.

I initially tried out some cutesy cards with little polar bears and penguins and the like, but didn't really like how they looked. So I went out and I bought myself some new stamps from TPC Studios called Christmas Glamour. So far these are the two cards of come up with

Once again I apologize for the cruddy pictures and the even cruddier lighting in my house. The top one I made the snowflake with one of the ornament stamps. I stamped four major points using the entire stamp and the other four using the bottom half of the stamp. I also decided to go for a little big of a different colour for christmas and I used purple.

The bottom one if of course more traditional. I think it turned out really well. I like the simplicity of it. I like the red on white, and I like the sparkle that I used to frame out the ornament.

I have a few more cards that I'm going to try out making before I decide which one(s) I'm going to use as my cards this year.


  1. I love them both! Ornament stamps seem to be the in thing this year. I'm envious of your embellishments. :)

  2. Oh Lexy, I LOVE the second one with the glitter frame. Of course, when I looked at the close-up of the first one, I loved all the detail in that too. I think you should make a few different cards this year, instead of all the same one. Some variety is fun!