Monday, December 20, 2010

It was beginning to look like christmas a long time ago

I had a whole load of ambition this year when it came to making christmas cards. I found my inspiration card on (I can't find it anymore so I can't post a link to the original makers, for which I apologize) and was all set to go to work on my christmas cards in late October. I had most of it done by mid-november, slacked off a little and finally didn't get the finishing touches done (the stamped inside sentiment) until about a week ago. So I've had these puppies sitting around for a long time.

Pretty simple to make really. Cut out a few rectangles of white card stock. I chalked them with some cold sparkly chalk just to give the door a little depth. Cut out the wreaths with my cricut. I used self adhesive paper which was both a good and bad thing. The adhesive on it kind of sucks, so I'm not sure how well my cards will travel in the mail, but I hope they last. Without the self adhesive they would have been a pain in the butt to put onto the card. Add a few little sparkly jewels, a bow and there you have it. I think they are cute and turned out well.

Now after thinking I was way ahead of the game by having these all done, I had to add more people to the list. I had no more supplies for the other card to make more of the door ones, nor did I really have time if I wanted people to get cards before christmas. So I came up with these three.

I used a glue stamp pad for them, added a little glitter, slapped some ribbon on and had 15 cards made in no time. I think they turned out really well and now I'm actually kind of kicking myself thinking I should have just made these ones as my main card because they were so simple to make and I think they look pretty classy. Maybe next year.
Anyway, hoping anyone who is reading this has a safe and happy holidays and a wonderful 2011!


  1. all four cards are great! love the CAS ones :)

  2. I LOVE the door card! So beautiful. And your CAS cards are gorgeous - I always feel that I have to keep adding to cards, but all that white space just looks so peaceful.

  3. Great cards, Lexy! I'm glad you sent me one of the doors one 'cause that's my favourite. You'll be happy to know it arrived intact and looks beautiful! :D