Friday, October 14, 2011

Bird Just Under the Wire - SSSC 138

The Sweet Sunday Sketch has become my go to blog for sketch inspiration for the cards I've been making. Karen has some awesome, but pretty simple sketches and its fun to see all the different cards and designs people come up with using the same template.

So this week I turned once again to the SSS.

When I first saw the sketch I thought "no way am I going to do this one this week. I have no time and its way too complicated". Well I was right about the no time. I just finished my card about 10 minutes ago, and in order to enter the contest I have to have my entry in my 10 pm MST. So I'm just under the wire this week.

The card I made is a birthday card for my Mother In Law. Now she's not my favourite person in the world, so sometimes its a bit hard to actually want to sit down and make something. But this past week she did myself and my husband a gigantic favour by coming and looking after our kids while we went away for the weekend for our 8th Anniversary. So this year it wasn't so hard.

The most difficult thing was coming up with a colour scheme. My MIL is not the most girly person in the world, and she doesn't really have a big bold personality (just one that clashes with mine on occasions ;)). So I decided to go with a subtle colour scheme of green and blue.

Well I thought my papers looked great together, but holy crow did that colour scheme end up screwing up my choices for stamps. Most of my stamps are either very flowery, or very girly. So none of them really went. I finally turned to the cute little Taylored Expressions Stamp, Some Birdy Loves You, that I received as a free gift when I ordered a lot a few months ago. It ended up being the perfect stamp for the card. I used a Papertrey sentiment, and I think the card turned out great.

Actually I think this is one of the best cards I've made in a really long time (save for the screw up in the sewing on the one corner: clearly need to buff up on my sewing on paper and around corners techniques)

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  1. Gorgeous card, Lexy! I think the sewing looks fabulous.