Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pom Poms coming out my ying yang

This has nothing to do with paper, stamps or ink ha ha

I had some time recently to sit down and do something other than cleaning my house, thanks to the glorious thing known as spring break daycamps. Both my kids were in them so I got to make a few crafty things. I made two wreaths that have been all over pinterest (my new obsession). The first one I made (and promptly forgot to take a picture of) was one of those balloon wreaths where there are a couple of hundred balloons pinned in. The second one I did was a pom pom wreath full of easter colours. Still hundreds of little things to put on the wreath form, but much easier and faster as a hot glue gun was involved. I think it turned out pretty good.

I'm now slightly obsessed with wreaths, which makes me feel like a 90 year old lady that lives in the country and has chickens all over her kitchen, but they are fun, and I was bored. I'm thinking of making one out of flip flops for the summer.

My daughter had her fourth birthday last week and for her party I had to do some more crafty type stuff. We had a cookie decorating party. Instead of loot bags (which I absolutely hate, its just junk that clutters up my house), I decided to make aprons for each of the girls that were attending the party. I had purchased a lot of Hawaiian print fabric on our last trip to Oahu so I decided to use that. I did each one double sides just for a little variety.

Realize the picture isn't the best and doesn't really show them, but they were a hit with the kids and the moms so at least it was time well spent making them

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