Monday, February 14, 2011

Little Pinky Bunny

My little sister is having a baby in a few weeks. She had her baby shower on the weekend. So of course a card was in order.

When we first found out she was having a baby and found it was going to be a girl, for fun we asked my 2 kids what they thought the baby's name should be. Of course they came up with something awesome. The first thing that both of them said was Pinky. I asked my oldest what she thought the middle name would be, and after some pondering she announced that my sister and BIL would of course give the baby the middle name Bunny.

Since that day my kids have been looking forward to the arrival of Pinky Bunny. They talk about her all the time. I'm almost positive that no matter what my sister decides to name her baby that my kids will call her Pinky Bunny anyway.

So I made a card just for Pinky Bunny. I used a Pink Cat Studios digi stamp. I only had one other set of "baby" stamps and I've used it for years. I didn't want to buy a whole new set of stamps, so the digi was the best option, and of course Pink Cat Studios has some pretty cute ones.

I had a perfect design in my head, but it didn't really turn out how I wanted it. I had a hard time choosing a background paper that I liked, and I just didn't end up liking the colour combinations that I used for the solids and the buttons. But cest la vie. I went with it. My sister liked it

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