Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Dig Me - SSSC 150 take 2

After yesterday I decided to do another take on the Sweet Sunday Sketch that I posted about. I had forgotten one element, so I decided for my other daughter's Valentine card I would go back and do a Take 2 on it, making sure to use all of th elements in the sketch.
I stuck with my original colour scheme for this years Valentine's of Red, white and Teal. I also decided to forgo my usual rectangular card and do a square one. I had ordered a whole load of square envelopes for my christmas card, ordered the wrong size. So I need to make square cards to use them up.
I decided to use my new There She Goes My Little Friend Gnome stamps. I know that my 5 year old is not going to get the pun at all, but I still think its cute. She'll likely be disappointed I didn't go with a mermaid like she asked, or even that it doesn't have a girl gnome on it, but she'll have to deal with it ;P

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  1. Ahhh, how very sweet! I love your take on the sketch Lexy!