Friday, February 27, 2009

The Best Invention Ever

Last year I recieved a Cricut for my birthday. I got sucked in by the late night informercials and thought this is the machine for me. Once I saw it I couldnt' shut up about it and my parents actually heard me and they purchased it for me.

Of course once I got it home I started playing with it and realized that I didn't really need it. It was fun, but how much was I really going to use it. I also thought it would be great for scrapbooking, only problem there is that I don't really scrapbook. Actually I've never scrapbooked. I have all the intentions in the world to, but have never gotten around to it.

I used it when I first got it here and there for cards, but I found it really difficult to acutally use any of the letters or wording that I would cut out because it was just too darn hard to adhere it to the cards I was making. I'm not exactly on the up and up as to what kind of adhesives I should be using for stuff like this so I tried a few things and it just seemed a little messy and goopy and didn't really work.

Then at Christmas my sister bought me the best stuff ever. She has a bit of a QVC addiction problem. She lives in the US and doesn't really have much to do other than watch her husband play hockey, so she watches a lot of QVC. One night they were selling paper. Sounds boring right. Not so much. It was self adhesive paper. She thought I might be able to use it for cardmaking, and man was she right.

I have no idea if this stuff is actually decent paper. But I have a gigantic pile of it. Its works awesomely in the cricut. I have never seen it sold in any stores in the GTA, so I must use it sparingly.

Now that I've written that all out, it seems like a bit of a let down. Yep the best invention is self adhesive paper ;p


  1. Hey, 3M would probably completely agree with you that self-adhesive paper is the best invention ever. It's made them a mint :D

  2. Hey, where are the photos? What have you made with it?

    I've managed to hold out (so far) on the Cricut, but I'm still considering one... ;)